Enrichment Classes Included with Tuition

Wednesdays: Traveling Storytime (Temporarily suspended due to COVID protocols)

We also integrate Redwood City Public Library's  award-winning "Traveling Storytime" into our curriculum. (Due to the Pandemic this program has been temporarily suspended until early 2022.)  According to a 2006 study, children who had received the services of the Traveling Storytime program displayed a 91% proficiency in self-regulation, as indicated by an ability to display appropriate social behavior, stay focused, and react appropriately during story time. Offered to Hummingbirds, Owls, Redbirds, Woodpeckers and Eagles on Wednesdays.

Wednesdays: Soccer (Seasonal)


A local soccer program, Soccer Shots teaches our PreK class soccer moves in a playful non-competitive spirit. Offered to Eagles.


Accredited by the
National Academy
for the Education of
Young Children

Thursdays: Gymnastics (Temporarily suspended due to COVID protocols)


An age-appropriate and non-competitive class, Gymnastics has been with us since 2000.  Gymnastics encourages development in developing gross motor skills, coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength; while also preparing children for school success by following directions, understanding sequencing concepts, and spatial orientation. Offered to Owls, Redbirds, Woodpeckers and Eagles on Thursdays.

Fridays: Music (Temporarily suspended due to COVID protocols)


Mr. Nate, our music specialist, engages children in joyful song and a spirited introduction to musical instruments. "Mr. Nate" Ginsberg, a certified Orff-Schulwerk music teacher, has been teaching music to young children on the Peninsula for almost 30 years.  Offered to Redbirds, Woodpeckers and Eagles  on Fridays.

Tuesdays: De Colores Spanish Immersion Circle Time


Encouraging bilingualism in early childhood allows children's awareness about the world around them to be broadened.  Our own Spanish Immersion Circle Time program reflects the interest and concerns of teachers and parents that Spanish language is a relevant, positive, and enriching experience for our community. Offered to Hummingbirds, Owls, Redbirds, Woodpeckers and Eagles.


Daily: Early Literacy: Sign Language 

We teach Sign Language to older infants and young toddlers using Baby Signs to foster early communication of basic needs. We continue to teach American Sign Language in the other classrooms because sign language benefits children in many ways, including language proficiency and learning other languages.

NAEYC Accredited