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Jan. 5, 2011

Illness Policy Reminders We are experiencing our fair share of colds as everyone returns from the winter break. RSV (see attachment) has also been reported by parents in the Infant Program. In order to maintain a healthy environment at SCC, teachers and childern wash their hands vigilantly throughout the day, and teachers clean and disinfect tables, shelves, and classroom materials. Every morning the teachers perform a quick wellness check of each child, as well as periodical checks during the day. The teachers do not diagnose any illness, however, it is the TEACHERS responsibility to determine whether the child may stay at school based upon signs and symptoms of illness or discomfort of your child. When a teacher refuses a child at the beginning of the day due to illness, or calls you to pick up a sick child you must abide by the teacher’s decision. It is the PARENTS responsibility to provide current emergency contact phone numbers at all times, secure back-up care for their ill children, and/or keep their ill children at home. Also, please advise the teachers and the SCC office of your physician’s diagnosis so we may be alert for possible exposure to contagious illness. The required response time for sick child pick up is within one hour . Failure to cooperate with the illness policy jeopardizes the health of not only the children, but the teachers as well! Everyone must cooperate in order for YOUR child and every child to have a healthy environment!



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